Google Reveals 6th Gen Tensor Processing Unit “Trillium”



Google just dropped a bombshell at its I/O 2024 Developer Conference! Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google announced the sixth edition of their Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), codenamed Trillium.

In his speech, CEO Pichai made it clear that Google is all about pushing the boundaries of AI.

Trillium is said to be 4.7 times stronger than the last one! How did they do it? They pumped up the chip’s brain and made it run faster. And to top it off, they doubled the memory capacity.

Also, the TPU isn’t just about speed, it’s also super smart. It comes with Google’s third-gen SparseCore tech, which is like a turbocharged engine for handling big jobs like sorting and suggesting stuff. In simple terms, Trillium trains models faster and serves them up quicker than ever before!

Not to mention that it is eco-friendly. CEO Pichai bragged that it’s their most energy-efficient TPU yet, slashing energy use by a whopping 67%.

So, when can we get our hands on Trillium? Google’s keeping that under wraps for now, but they promise to officially launch it later this year.