Italy Fines TikTok €10M for Harmful Content

italy fines tiktok
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TikTok, the popular social media platform, just got hit with a big blow in Italy. The country’s watchdog fined TikTok a whopping 10 million euros (PHP605 million) because it wasn’t doing enough to keep young users safe.

Over the past months, TikTok has faced a barrage of criticism regarding the dissemination of potentially harmful content, particularly targeting young and vulnerable users.

Now, TikTok finds itself once again in the crosshairs of scrutiny, as safety concerns continue to plague the popular social media platform. With recurring reports highlighting issues surrounding the safety of its content.


What’s the fuss about? Well, there were videos on TikTok showing young people doing something called the “French scar” challenge. It’s a trend where people pinch their cheeks until they bruise.

Ouch! Not exactly the safest thing for kids to be watching, right?

TikTok says they’ve tried to make it safer by restricting these videos for users under 18. But Italy’s not buying it. They say TikTok’s algorithms were still spreading this risky stuff around.

So, what’s next for TikTok?