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android Users Are Billed Secretly

Millions of Android Users Are Billed Secretly by Android Malware

Several Android apps have been found to contain malware that is charging users without their consent, according to a Russian security firm. Android Users...
Antivirus Software Up-to-Date

Keeping Your Antivirus Software Up-to-Date

Antivirus software is one of the essential components of any computer in this highly digital age. There is a lot of work that antivirus...
Browser Leaks Data

Find Out If Your Browser Leaks Data

When you use a browser, you will track data as part of the process. It is no secret that your browser or the website...
Android Users Warned Toll Fraud

Android Users Warned Against “Toll Fraud” Malware

Has it ever happened that you suddenly find yourself being charged for a subscription you didn't agree to be a part of? If this...
Cybercriminals Claim AMD Data

Cybercriminals Claim to Have Stolen 450GB of AMD Data

According to reports, an extortion group known as RansomHouse claims to have hacked AMD chip manufacturer data in its possession. It's believed that AMD's network...
Phising Is Prevalent

Phising Is Prevalent in the Philippines Among SEA Countries

What is Phishing? According to Kaspersky, Phishing is a type of internet deception that aims to acquire sensitive information about its users through underhanded means. How...

Android smartphones have a practical feature that hardly anyone uses

Android phones are now so good that you don't actually have to worry about anything and can just use the smartphone. But there is...
protect from malware

TIPS: How to protect yourself from malware?

Cyber ​​criminals try to smuggle malware onto a system as unnoticed as possible. In contrast to the past, today's malware not only endangers computers...
malware programs

GUIDE: How to catch malware programs?

In principle, all electronic devices that are either connected to the Internet or have a removable medium, such as USB, CD-ROM, and external hard...
app tracking

GUIDE: How to turn off app tracking using Android, iOS devices?

What do you do in your apps and which websites do you visit on your smartphone? Such information interests the advertising industry. However, the...