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North Korea Embraces AI in Cyberwarfare

AI in Cyberwarfare

Artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI, is becoming increasingly prevalent in our social media feeds and local news.

In an era where we are witnessing artificial intelligence’s integration as newscasters, in smartphones, chatbots, and even within the CIA. It prompts us to wonder, what more can AI achieve in the future?

As mentioned earlier individuals and businesses worldwide utilizing AI’s potential for technological progress, it’s hardly surprising that even governments are getting in on the action.


Recent reports from the United States reveal that North Korea has entered into the realm of artificial intelligence, marking it as the first nation to incorporate AI into its cyber warfare strategies.

Given North Korea’s notoriety for cyber attacks, this development has raised substantial concerns among other nations and businesses. AI will significantly boost the speed, accuracy, and potential risk of such attacks.

AI chips, like those manufactured by Nvidia, Intel, AMD, and others, are pivotal in this regard. But the question that arises is how North Korea obtained this technology?

Does North Korea possess the capability to develop such cutting-edge hardware, or, as some experts speculate, did they acquire it through covert means involving disguised companies?


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