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GMA Network Unveils Philippines’ First AI Sportscasters

Philippines' First AI Sportscasters

GMA Network took a risk when it became the first company in the Philippines to use AI to create sportscasters. On Saturday, September 23, the news group made the statement.

On September 24, Sunday, GMA Integrated News, GMA New Media Inc.,, and GMA Synergy will show off their newest idea for the beginning of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Season 99.

Maia and Marco, the two AI sportscasters, will report on the latest and most important sports news in the country.

Oliver Victor Amoroso, an executive at GMA, says that their digital project is a way for the network to show how innovative journalism can be and include more people in their sports coverage.

But some Internet users don’t seem to like their effort.

Some people left heartfelt responses to GMA News’s news on social media, but many netizens seemed uncomfortable with the idea of watching reporters made by AI.

Some Internet users think that using AI as writers is a bad idea, especially for people who are studying mass communication.

Others said that using AI to make reporters was not an inclusive step because it didn’t take into account that skilled people could also be reporters.

Some people thought it was scary.

One comment asked if the AI sportscaster could be as passionate as sports reporters are in real-life news.

What do you think of GMA’s sportscasters that are made by AI? Comment your thoughts below!

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