M3 MacBook Air Impresses with Striking Benchmark Boost

m3 macbook air


Get ready for a speed boost! Apple’s latest M3 MacBook Air, now powered by the impressive M3 chip, is making waves with its stellar performance. Early benchmarks reveal a substantial leap, boasting a single-core score of 3,157 and a multi-core score of 12,020—impressive gains over the M2 predecessor.

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m3 macbook air impresses with striking benchmark boost 1

Comparing it to the previous M2 model, the M3 MacBook Air showcases about a 21% increase in single-core performance and an 18% bump in multi-core power.

The real star here is the M3’s enhanced GPU, even though Geekbench doesn’t put it to the test.

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Notably, both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro now feature the M3 chip. While the Pro’s active cooling system promises extended peak performance, the Air is no slouch. However, if you’re diving into heavy tasks like 3D rendering or video editing, the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 might be your power-packed companion.

Priced starting at $1,099 (PHP61, 399) in the US, these sleek and upgraded MacBook Airs are set to ship on March 8th.

Unveiled last year, the Apple M3 chip brings an 8-core CPU, a GPU with up to 10 cores, and a groundbreaking addition—hardware-accelerated ray-tracing graphics.

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