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How to Unsubscribe from Globe/TM Promotions

Unsubscribe from Globe
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Say you signed up for a Globe or TM prepaid promo on your SIM card, but then you changed your mind and want to cancel the promo right away. Want to find out how? You’ll learn from us.

You should cancel your Globe or TM promo subscription for several reasons. For one, the one you signed up for by mistake might need more data, enough call minutes, enough text messages, or anything else you need. Or it may end sooner or last longer than what you need.

But no matter your reason, here’s how you can stop getting Globe or TM promotions. Let’s begin.

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Unsubscribe to Globe Promotions

You can unsubscribe from Globe prepaid promo subscription in three ways. The first way is by SMS, which is faster and easier for us. The second way is to dial *143#, which is the most time-consuming. The third way is to use the GlobeOne app. Check out the steps below.

Text Message

Send an SMS GOEXTRA90 STOP to 8080. After that, you can choose from various Globe prepaid promotions and sign up for them.


  1. Dial *143#.
  2. Select the promotion for which you are already signed.
  3. Pick STOP. The information that your promotion has been terminated will be sent by text message.

Globe OneApp

Step 1: Pen the GlobeOne app on your device and navigate the “Data, Call, Text area.” It will display the promotional inclusions as well as the remaining amount.

Step 2: Select “Unsubscribe” from the menu after scrolling down.

Unsubscribe to TM Promotions

It’s easy! Just text <Promo keyword> STOP and send it to 8080. For example, EasySURF10 STOP to 8080.


Will Globe TM promo subscriptions be refunded?

The quick answer is NO. You will only be able to get your money back or turn it into a regular load once you stop your Globe and TM prepaid promotions.

Also, you should only cancel your promo if you have to since you won’t get any money back. You are also stacking them and might try stacking as a different alternative.

Am I Allowed to Use Multiple Globe/TM Promos?

Yes. Globe customers can combine deals like GoSAKTO, GOSURF, and others. The amount of data that wasn’t used will be added to the offer with the most extended end date.

The same is true for TM, as some promotions can be together. For one, you can sign up for more than one Easy Surf deal, and just like with Globe, any unuse GBs will be added to the deal that lasts the longest.



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