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How to Inflate: Proper guide for tire pressure and where to find


Finding the right number of the correct tire pressure for your car is easy. There are two ways in where you can find the pressure guide. Follow the steps below on which it is almost all the same for all car manufacturers from Toyota and Mitsubishi to Hyundai and Kia.

Where to find the correct tire pressure guide

  1. Bottom of the door frame at the driver side – The most common for all cars especially the latest ones is to have the sticker attached at the inward door lid located at the driver seat. It has a guide for both front tire pressure and rear side. Remember that most SUVs and vans will have different tire pressure especially if you will have more than 7-seater capacity.
  2. Inside the User Manual – another way to find the correct tire pressure for both front tires and rear tires is through the user manual. Even the specific model has its own tire pressure and can differ from another model despite having the same brand depending on the tire brand and type.

Remember to regularly check the tire pressure of your car as this will affect the efficiency and most importantly the safety when driving.

How to Inflate Tire Pressure Guide Toyota Suzuki Philippines

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