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How to Fix: Water leaking from Car Aircon drainage pipe


Although not a very common problem for car owners especially for Toyota, leaking water from the AC or aircon drainage pipe or hose is very frustrating. We’ve experienced it from the Toyota Vios and Innova, and thankfully, the fix and solution are very easy.

Drainage location for A/C water

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How to Repair or fix car AC water leaking inside the car cabin

  1. Locate the spot on where the leak happens
  2. There are usually two drainage areas for car AC especially for SUVs: Front passenger area and 3rd row
  3. Drainage goes directly outside under your car or inside the hood via a small hose
  4. Confirm if the water droplets are minimal despite the A/C is working
  5. Use a drain clog spring, steel wire, or a strong air blower to unblock the hose from the outside
  6. If step #5 does not work, you should locate the hose from inside the car and check if it’s broken or needs a repair

Again, the solution is very easy. All you need to do is unblock the pipe or hose from the outside in order to prevent the water from leaking inside your car.

Most cars won’t experience this, this problem is usually more present to Toyota cars like Vios, Wigo, Yaris, Hilux, Innova, and Fortuner.

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