Epic Games Store Set to Launch on iOS and Android in 2024

epic games store set to launch on ios and android in 2024


Epic Games has recently hinted at an expansion of its popular gaming platform, announcing plans to bring the Epic Games Store to both iOS and Android devices on X (formerly Twitter). Described as a “true multi-platform store,” this move aims to offer developers fair terms and users a seamless gaming experience across different devices.

Similar to its PC counterpart, the Epic Games Store on mobile will maintain the developer-friendly revenue split, allowing developers to retain 88% of their earnings while Epic takes a 12% cut. This stands in contrast to other platforms like Google, which typically charge higher fees.

Moreover, developers will have the option to keep all of their revenue if they choose to use their own payment systems for in-app purchases, providing them with more flexibility and control over their earnings.

epic games store set to launch on ios and android in 2024

While Fortnite is already available through the Epic Games Launcher on Android, the full lineup of games for the mobile version of the Epic Games Store has yet to be revealed.


However, with the promise of a diverse selection of titles, mobile gamers can anticipate an exciting addition to their gaming options.

What potential benefits do you see in the arrival of the Epic Games Store on mobile platforms?