Meta Releases Latest Llama 3 AI Model

llama 3


Meta has just unveiled its latest large language model, known as Llama 3, alongside an innovative image generator that updates visuals as users type prompts. This move signals Meta’s push to compete with OpenAI in the generative AI space.

The bottom line is we believe Meta AI is now the most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use.

Meta co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated in an Instagram video.


According to Meta, their latest AI is an advanced, free assistant. It is also now available in more countries across Meta apps. It helps you plan dinner, study, and more based on your needs. Use Meta AI in chats, searches, and other app features without leaving the app. Llama 3’s rapid image generation lets you quickly create custom images like album art, decor ideas, and GIFs.

llama 3

To elevate the importance of Meta AI, the company is incorporating it more prominently across its popular platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Moreover, Meta is launching a dedicated website for its assistant, allowing it to go head-to-head with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Meta’s push into generative AI is part of its larger strategy to challenge OpenAI’s dominance. It requires significant investment in computing infrastructure and the merging of research and product teams.

Llama 3 Open Source


Since Llama 3 is open source, developers outside Meta can freely modify it as they choose, and the company may later integrate their enhancements and feedback into future versions. Also, Llama 3 currently operates in English, but Meta plans to roll out more advanced models in the coming months that can communicate in several languages.

However, this open strategy has raised safety concerns. Critics worry that the models could be exploited by malicious actors for harmful purposes.

By releasing these cutting-edge tools, Meta is making significant strides in the AI arena. Will its bold moves be enough to reshape the generative AI landscape?