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Meta’s Artemis

Meta’s ‘Artemis’ Is the Next-Gen AI Chip Innovation Revealed

  Meta Platforms has pulled back the curtain on their latest innovation, the Artemis AI chip. Crafted to meet the surging demand for AI power...

Meta to Label AI-Generated Content Starting May

  In a move aimed at boosting transparency and trust, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced plans to introduce labeling for...

Meta Boosts Teen Safety, Blocks Messages from Strangers

  Meta, as of January 25 (Thursday), has put a stop to strangers sending direct messages to young teens via Instagram or Messenger. Now, by default,...

Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Create General AI at Meta

Guess what? Meta, the company behind your favorite social networks like Facebook and Instagram, is diving into the world of super-smart computers! Mark Zuckerberg, Founder...
Meta End-to-End Encryption

Meta Launches End-to-End Encryption for Facebook and Messenger

You can now stop worrying about Meta seeing your messages! However, global rollout may take a while. With this new feature, you may now come...
Ad-Free Facebook & Instagram

You Can Now Pay for Ad-Free Facebook & Instagram

Meta, has introduced a new ad-free subscription option. This move is in response to recent EU regulations that now require companies to offer users...
TikTok & Meta

TikTok & Meta Counters Malaysian Claims of Restricting Pro-Palestinian Content

TikTok have rejected the Malaysian government's accusations that they are censoring content supportive of Palestinians. Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, had warned of potential actions...
Pro-Palestinian Content Blocking

Malaysia to Warn TikTok and Meta Over Pro-Palestinian Content Blocking

Malaysia's communication regulator is set to issue a warning to social media giants TikTok and Meta (formerly known as Facebook) for allegedly blocking pro-Palestinian...
Meta Employee Layoffs

Meta Struggles, Eyes Employee Layoffs in Chip Division

Meta, is encountering obstacles on its path to realizing its vision. The company is set to lay off employees from its Reality Labs division,...
Meta Ad-Free

Meta Considers Offering Ad-Free Instagram and Facebook in Europe

Tech giant Meta Platforms is considering a subscription model for Instagram and Facebook, aiming to offer an ad-free experience for European users. The proposed plan...