Android 15 Adds Smartphone Tracking Even Without Power

smartphone tracking feature
Photo Credits: Digital Trends


A recent article from Android Police has shared an intriguing advancement in smartphone technology! The ability to track your device even when it’s powered off.

How does it work?

Essentially, special Bluetooth signals are stored in the phone’s memory, enabling it to be detected even when it’s not in use.

However, this feature comes with a requirement for advanced hardware to maintain Bluetooth functionality while the phone is off, potentially necessitating a small reserve of battery power. Moreover, implementing this capability entails significant engineering efforts beyond a simple software update.


Initially anticipated to debut with the Pixel 9, it now appears that the Pixel 8 might also receive this feature through the Android 15 update. Yet, older models like the Pixel Fold may miss out due to limitations in either hardware or software.

The prospect of tracking devices even when they’re switched off raises intriguing possibilities for smartphone users. Who knows what other innovations might be on the horizon?