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Rock Space EB30 TWS True Wireless Earphone Hands-on – A Good Budget Alternative?

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If you’re looking for a budget pair of truly wireless earbuds, Rock Space EB30 TWS has you covered. In this hands-on, we are going to check its retail packaging as well as the quality in the flesh.

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Rock Space EB30 TWS True Wireless Earphone — A Good Budget Alternative?

Rock EB30TWS Wireless Earphone 2

Inside the small box reveals the earbuds themselves, two pairs of extra earbuds of different sizes, the charging case, a micro USB cable, and a manual that you rarely read. Going over the features of Rock Space EB30, it supports Bluetooth 5.0, button controls, and one-ear use. According to the manufacturer, you can also use the EB30 up to 2 hours of continuous playtime. Which is a bit low compared to the standard 4 hours of other budget wireless earbuds. On the flip side, it can go up to 72 hours of standby time with the charging case providing an extra 8 hours of use.

Speaking of the charging case, our unit is clad in black that’s light but noticeably cheap. On the back of it are the charging indicator and a micro USB port. As for the earbuds, it comes in a red color that’s dashing and looks nice with the charging case. The design is dustproof and very lightweight at 4.2g.

When it comes to functionality, you can use one earbud only. It’s handy when you need to be aware of your surrounding. While it does support touch functionality on both sides, the most it can do are play/pause, answer/hang up, and skip a track with a double-tap. You also need to press & hold the buttons on both earbuds to turn on and connect.

The price of Rock Space EB30 TWS in the Philippines is P3,000. You can get it at a lower price if you can manage to find some good deals. If you want to see a full review, let us know in the comment section.

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