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MyPhone MY112 VS DTC Gear Specs Comparison – The Disaster Device Comparison

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With the recent launch of MyPhone’s My112 disaster built device, one may think if the latter was the only one in the market. However, they was already a powerbank phone that has subsequently delivered similar feats delivered by the My112. Everyone meet, the DTC Gear.

In regards to this, we figured to par up both disaster and sturdy devices and see which fits as a better disaster companion. We’ll continue further by heavily tackling their overall specs and possible performance capabilities, which will fit a modern day “Joe” in surviving a natural disaster.

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Specs/PH price

MyPhone My112 specs, PH price, features

Display 2.3-inch colored LCD display
Camera VGA Camera
Light LED Torch
Memory microSD up to 8GB
Connectivity 2G Edge and GPRS Networks, Bluetooth, FM Radio
Features Water Resistant, Shock proof, luminous body, SOS Button, Powerbank function
Content MyPhone Pinoy Content Version 3
Battery capacity 6000mAh battery
Release date October, 2015
Official Price Php 1,399 on MyPhone stores nationwide


Specs, PH price

DTC Gear, specs, PH price, features

Display 2.4-inch TFT display
Camera 1.3MP digital camera
Memory microSD expandable up to 32GB
SIM Dual – SIM/ Dual Standby
Connectivity 2G GPRS Networks, Bluetooth, Wireless FM Radio,
Features Flashlight ( large), Shock resistant, Powerbank function
Batter Capacity 4500mAh battery
Release date July, 2014
Official Price Php 1,499 Official SRP on DTC stores

Highlights of the MyPhone MY112

  • Possesses a relatively smaller screen, though a .1 inch difference, might not exactly matter
  • microSD card expandability rate is a bit lower than of the DTC Gear’s 32GB expandability limit
  • Has better battery capacity than the DTC Gear’s 4500mAh battery
  • Is relatively more affordable in pricing, though pricing of the DTC Gear might have been lowered throughout its stay in the market
  • Has the advantageous position of being new in the market
  • Carried by a well – known local brand
  • Provides more features than the DTC Gear
  • Water proof features, which was not present in the DTC Gear’s list of specs

All in all, it seems that the MyPhone MY112 has a lot more in- store than the DTC Gear, since the latter was about a year old already. It could be safely said, that the improvements on the MY112 came from tackling a few deficiencies experienced with earlier disaster based devices, which hopefully, MyPhone was completely removed. As for the DTC Gear, it is still one of the most sturdy disaster devices in the market, though, with the more affordable take and a more improved device features, we can honestly say, that the MyPhone MY112 is a more worthy buy, overall than the DTC Gear.

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The MyPhone MY112 as mentioned before is priced at Php 1,399 and can be purchased through MyPhone stores nationwide, while the DTC Gear is available for Php 1,499 on DTC stores nationwide. Please feel free to share your thoughts on what you think of our specs comparison on both devices. We highly appreciate all matters of feedbacks, which we can use to improve our overall system.

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  1. The Myphone 112 SOS isn’t waterproof there is no rubber gasket on the batter area.
    And the input capability of the Myphone 112 SOS is delayed it is like the phone lags all the time.

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