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US restrictions on Huawei will reduce South Korean chip exports in the short term


Chinese manufacturing large, Huawei, is a extreme agency globally. Huawei’s place as a severe agency is further apparent now that it’s dealing with a ban from the American authorities. The latest ban on Huaweinis inflicting important irregularities and modifications in completely completely totally completely completely different sectors globally. The likes of TSMC will must fill Huawei’s orders which runs into tens of tens of 1000’s and 1000’s. This will not be straightforward to interchange. According to experiences out of South Korea, the US restrictions on Huawei might have an effect on some Korean corporations that current chips to Huawei.


However, this will only be obtainable in the short run. In the long run, the impact of this measure on the Korean semiconductor industry will be insignificant. This is from a report by the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) via BusinessKorea.

Huawei can not purchase American technology

For some well-known reasons, the White House has included Huawei and many of its foreign subsidiaries on its list of entities. This prohibits Huawei from purchasing semiconductors or dealing with companies that use American technology. According to KIEP, this is a direct blow to Huawei, and it will affect some Korean companies in the short term. In addition, KIEP also believes that the impact of the ban on China’s entire high-tech industry is also insignificant.

KIEP talked about: “China will make more efforts to reduce its dependence on the external semiconductor industry. This means that South Korea needs to pay more attention to keeping ahead of China in technological strength”.

According to data from the Korea International Trade Association, South Korea’s exports of chips last year were valued at $94 billion. This accounts for 17% of South Korea’s total exports. In addition, nearly 20% of Samsung’s revenue in the most recent quarter is from China. Therefore, there are reports that the restrictions will also affect South Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix.

Furthermore, chips are the largest single export class in South Korea. Also, mainland China is South Korea’s largest export journey spot for chips. Of course, these South Korean corporations use American expertise. Presently, ALL Chinese corporations are very cautious with the U.S. The American authorities can ban anybody at any time. This signifies that Chinese corporations presently have one intention – postpone American expertise. While the likes of Huawei are working on this draw again overtly, others are doing it covertly. In time, Chinese corporations could not ought to take chips from South Korean corporations that use American expertise. The US restrictions on Huawei and completely totally completely completely different Chinese corporations is progressively reshaping the expertise enterprise.

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