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Top 3 Reasons Why GCash is the best option for bank deposit, payment or transfer


Sending money to any bank account in the Philippines is free thru GCash

Just last week, I finally tried GCash’s feature of sending money to a bank account in the Philippines. It was really easy and very convenient on my part as I saved a lot of time from traveling to the nearest bank and lining up in the counter just to deposit the money. On top of it, it’s free!

With GCash, all I need to do is download the app and register my account. Once activated, I can either receive money from different remittance centers, banks, partnered stores (7 Eleven, etc.) or from another GCash user with just a few clicks and taps via the GCash app.

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Below is an easy step-by-step guide on how to send or deposit to a bank using GCash:

  1. Download the app
  2. Register and activate the account
  3. Cash-in thru your bank account, credit cards, debit card, remittance centers, partnered stores for free
  4. Click Send Money in your GCash app
  5. Select the recipient bank*
  6. Type the full name and complete account number

*Note: Most of the major and local banks in the Philippines are supported including BPI, BDO, RCBC, Security Bank, Metrobank, Land Bank, PNB, East West, Union Bank, and more!

Choose Send Money and select the desired bank on your GCash app
Enter bank details and confirm. You will then receive a receipt

Cash out or withdraw the amount from GCash

Once successfully sent, you will have a receipt or proof of records of your transactions. You will have the option to be sent to your email too.

Alternatively, you can go to your GCash App’s Transaction History. If you’re sending to another GCash user, they can easily withdraw or cash-out the amount in several remittance centers, GCash partnered retail stores, GCash credit card, or just send it their bank account directly.

Why you should use GCash in all payment and bank deposit transactions

The GCash app is easy to use and it supports almost all merchant payments from scanning the QR code when buying to online payment. It’s free and perhaps the most convenient and fastest way to send money to a bank account.

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