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SMS Spam Prevention Tips

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You may have received one of those text messages offering a part-time job just by clicking a link in the text message.

This message provided you with a large sum of money or a great job offer that you’ve either grown accustomed to or become irritated by, but you should think twice before you open the link. The chances are you’ve probably received more than one sketchy message on your phone. It is likely to be a scam.

Several countries practice smishing, and Brazil, Mexico, India, and Thailand are also said to be heavily involved in smishing schemes.

Know what a spam text message looks like

To protect yourself from spam messages, it is essential to identify them as soon as they appear, and there are several ways to do this.

1.Even though the message does not pertain to you, it is entirely random and irrelevant.
2. There are a lot of scams that ask for personal information such as usernames, passwords, PINs, etc.
3. Spam messages tend to use awful spelling, poor grammar, and simply strange wording in how they are constructed.
4. The most common types are either of the following:

  • Job Offers that seem a bit shady
  • Loans or cash assistance offers
  • A message saying you won a prize

5. Usually, links will be attached to the SMS so you can click on them to open it. 

Don’t Respond or Reply

It is hazardous to respond to these spam messages, which is one of the most critical things you should avoid at all costs. There is no point in trying to ignore it, no matter how annoying it becomes. This way, you would confirm that your mobile device is active to the spammers. There is a possibility that your number will be sold off and spread to other scammers, which may result in even more spam messages being sent to you.

As a side note, some spammers may also use a tagline like “Reply STOP to quit” to get you to reply to stop receiving these messages, as well as “Ask how” or “Reply Yes” to get you to respond to start receiving them. By doing this, you could also signal them that your phone number is active and valid. However, you should not reply at all.

That is why it is highly recommended not to respond to this message unless you are sure it has any significance for you.

Avoid Clicking Random Links

This is arguably the most significant step for you to avoid getting scammed by spam messages. In the Philippines, it is commonly known as “smishing,” It is one of the most common types of spam messages sent. There are many ways in which SMS scams can present themselves to you. For example, a sketchy job offer, loan offer, or even a message that informs you that you have won a prize. They all have one thing in common: they will all require you to click on a link or a button.

Keep Your Information Safe

You may be persuaded to divulge your personal information to receive spam messages. This may include credit card details, your bank account details, government ID numbers, passwords, and similar information to receive them. So, you should treat your personal information with the utmost care.

The other key thing to keep in mind is that when contacting representatives from official companies, they will never ask for sensitive information such as passwords or further account details over the phone, especially over text messages.

Block Spammers’ Numbers

Blocking these numbers is the easiest way to combat spam. Block spam numbers on your phone once you recognize them.

The blocked number would no longer be able to send you any messages or be able to contact you. Spammers sometimes switch phone numbers to continue spamming you even if they change their phone number. 

Therefore, you must remain vigilant about identifying and reporting these numbers and blocking them if necessary.

How to block a number on Android:

  1. If you are viewing a text message or inbox, you should select first the message and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the text message.
  2.  The method of blocking a number on an Android phone may vary depending on the model, but generally, you want to select “Block Number.”
  3. It is recommended to check the “Delete Conversation” checkbox if the option is presented to you to delete the spam message completely
  4. You can also check other blocked numbers by checking your spam/blocked folder.No description available.No description available.

How to block a number on iOS:

  1. Tap the phone number that appears at the top of the message thread
  2. Tap the Info button to get more information.
  3. To confirm the selection of Block, this Caller selects Block Contact and taps the Block Contact button.

Contact your mobile network provider about spam.

Scammers have become increasingly creative in their scamming methods over the last few years, as technology continues to evolve every day rapidly. 

It is for this reason that most mobile network providers continue to use methods as a means of reporting and blocking these scammers from operating on their networks.

To prevent further scams in the future, you can protect not only yourself but also others by reporting any spam or unwanted messages to your carrier.

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Public Urged to Use In-Device Filters to Combat SMS Scams 

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