Rumored Next Apple Pencil Could Support Vision Pro Headset

apple pencil
Apple Pencil


According to insider information shared by MacRumors, Apple has conducted internal trials on a potential new Apple Pencil designed to work seamlessly with visionOS. This innovation could revolutionize drawing experiences on the Vision Pro, offering compatibility with popular apps like Freeform and Pixelmator.

While exact details remain undisclosed, one concept suggests users could draw on flat surfaces, with creations appearing in the visionOS app. This capability would essentially convert the environment into an expansive drawing surface, equipped with sensitivity to pressure and tilt.

rumored next apple pencil could support vision pro headset 1

For the Apple Pencil to integrate with the Vision Pro, software updates would be necessary. However, the timing of this support remains uncertain. Speculation suggests that developers could gain access to visionOS 1.2 beta in the coming week, with a potential full rollout at Apple’s WWDC event in June.

As with all Apple developments, there’s no guarantee of a release. Yet, the prospect of enhanced creativity tools raises excitement among users. Could this integration redefine how we interact with digital art?