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PLDT Boosts Investments in Network Infrastructure Upgrades

PLDT Boosts Investments

The big telecommunications company PLDT Inc. has promised to spend more money on network changes to keep the country’s rise in terms of its electronic infrastructure and the quality of its internet going.

PLDT wants the Philippines to keep rising on foreign measures of tech adoption, like the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index, where it improved in two categories.

So, PLDT network head Eric Santiago said that the company would keep investing in new assets and solutions to meet the needs of customers, businesses, and the government when it comes to connectivity.

However, the Philippines fell five spots and now ranks 60th out of 121 countries and 17th out of 35 Asian countries.

Philippines Still Struggling with Slow and Unreliable Internet

The country dropped to 104th in the world for how affordable the internet is, 64th for how electronic government works, and 45th for how safe the internet is.

On Thursday, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the mobile wallet GCash made a deal to fight online theft, e-scams, and other cybercrimes.

In a news statement, GCash said it will help and work with the SEC to look into financial fraud crimes by giving important information and data that is in line with the laws, rules, and regulations that are in place.

The SEC’s Enforcement and Investor Protection Department (EIPD) said that these cybercrimes usually happen when people use online services like e-wallets to give and receive money.

GCash said that its deal with SEC shows how much it cares about keeping its customers’ money and information safe.

GCash also said that it works closely with law enforcement bodies like the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG).

The mobile wallet also said that it has been using the latest innovations in trust technology to create the best digital environment for its users while putting more effort into teaching customers how to protect their accounts.


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