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Pay SSS, BIR, NBI Clearance, Other Government Fees Using BPI Mobile Pay eGov


Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is making it easier for its customers to pay SSS, passport fees, BIR, NBI Clearance, travel taxes, birth certificate requests, and other government fees by launching “Pay eGov” feature via BPI Mobile app. Take note that all BPI clients who are REGISTERED to BPI online can use this feature.

That said, here’s how you can pay for government fees through the BPI Mobile app. 

How to pay SSS, BIR, NBI Clearance, and other Government fees using BPI Mobile App’s Pay eGov

1. Upon opening the app, just swipe up and tap “Pay e-Gov.”

2. Select the government biller you wish to pay.

3. Complete the following details:

  • amount to pay
  • 10-digit reference number (Main Reference ID)
  • 11-digit mobile number (2nd Reference ID)

4. Tap “Continue” and Enter your BPI Online username and password.

5. Select an account you wish to pay from, and tap “Pay using BPI.”

6. Enter your mobile number.

7. Key in the One-Time-PIN sent to you, and tap “Proceed.”

That’s it!

BPI will never ask for sensitive information such as One-Time PIN (OTP), CVC/CVV, and password via email or SMS. Do not entertain calls and messages asking for this information. Report any incident immediately to [email protected].

To verify if a BPI email is genuine, make sure that the sender address is [email protected].

Tap here to learn more about BPI Pay eGOv.

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