Meta Considers Offering Ad-Free Instagram and Facebook in Europe

meta ad-free

Tech giant Meta Platforms is considering a subscription model for Instagram and Facebook, aiming to offer an ad-free experience for European users.

The proposed plan suggests a monthly fee of $14 (about PHP800), providing users the choice between using the platforms with personalized ads for free or opting for an ad-free experience through a paid subscription.

Meta intends to introduce this subscription plan, known as Subscription No Ads (SNA), in the upcoming months, pending regulatory approval.

The subscription model is tailored to accommodate both desktop and mobile users. On desktop, the cost for a Facebook or Instagram account is approximately PHP600 ($10.46) per month, with an additional charge of roughly €6 (about PHP360) for each linked account.

However, on mobile devices, the price would increase to around €13 (about PHP775) per month, factoring in the commissions imposed by Apple and Google app stores on in-app payments.

This move by Meta reflects their effort to provide users with options to customize their platform experience and generate revenue through subscriptions, potentially reducing their reliance on ad-based models.