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List of Phones Powered by Snapdragon 888 in 2021

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Snapdragon 888 is officially out in the wild! If you’ve yet to see the major improvements offered by Qualcomm’s 5nm chipset, have a look at them here. Once you’re done, check out the upcoming flagship phones from manufacturers that will possibly use the Snapdragon 888 SoC

During the presentation, Qualcomm unveiled its official OEM partners for the Snapdragon 888. Sure enough, they include big names (and new ones) such as ASUS, Realme, and OnePlus. That said, it’s easy to predict which phones will use the 888 chipset. We even made a list of upcoming Snapdragon 875 phones. Of course, this was before Qualcomm officially introduced a different moniker. In addition to that list, here are the other manufacturers.


While the next ROG Phone will surely adopt the 888, we’re not entirely sure if the ZenFone lineup will make a comeback (again). Zenfone 7 was launched this year, albeit to a limited market.  

Black Shark

Xiaomi is separating its name from Black Shark, a gaming-focused manufacturer of the highly-affordable Black Shark phones. With the Black Shark 4 and 4 Pro, we expect no less.


Much like Black Shark, Redmi is another sub-brand of Xiaomi that caters to the budget segment. While they didn’t announce that it’s going independent like POCO, the company is acting as if it’s independent. Redmi is on track to release its K40 flagship series next year. 


In the Philippines, Motorola marked its comeback by announcing the Z Flip 5G and the Moto G 5G Plus. Although the former was met with so-so feedback, the latter became (and still is) the cheapest 5G phone on the market. Outside the country, the company introduced the Edge+ — its flagship device. 


With Huawei struggling to complete, OPPO, another China-based OEM, will take advantage of the opportunity to replace the spot Huawei cannot fulfill anymore. The Find X2 Series, particularly the Pro, was one of the best flagship phones of 2020. With the Find X3 Series, we can only speculate. 


Sony may be down, but it’s definitely not out. The Xperia 1 III is the company’s latest effort to revive its mobile division, adding alpha camera features to a mobile phone. Aside from improving the overall phone experience, Sony needs to think of a better, less confusing naming scheme if it wants to be relevant once again. 


As of writing, Realme X50 Pro is currently the flagship the company has. Next year, we expect the youngest OEM to offer the X60 Pro. But according to teasers leading up to the announcement of the 888, an upcoming phone with the said chipset is called Realme Race. What’s interesting is that Realme Ace with Snapdragon 855+ and 65W charging was announced last year.

Some notable OEMs that will also use the 888 SoC are Nubia (Red Magic), ZTE (Axon), and Sharp (AQUOS).

Based on the latest reports, Xiaomi Mi 11 Series (or Mi 20 Series) will become the first phone rocking the Snapdragon 888. With Samsung releasing the Galaxy S21 Series in January 2021, Xiaomi might beat the company to the punch later this month.

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