Home Guides List of Lockscreen Widgets You Can Add On iOS 16 Update

List of Lockscreen Widgets You Can Add On iOS 16 Update

List of Lockscreen Widgets You Can Add On iOS 16 Update
List of Lockscreen Widgets You Can Add On iOS 16 Update

What sets iOS 16 apart is the ability to add widgets to your Lock Screen. The wallpaper customization choices are excellent for giving your Lock Screen a unique look.

You can edit two different widget boxes in the customization interface, whether you’re making a new Lock Screen or changing an existing Lock Screen. Up to four additional widget boxes can be added below, and the widget above the clock can be changed.

The widget interfaces are more subdued versions that fit nicely with the rest of your Lock Screen setup rather than being as sophisticated as the widgets accessible in the Today view and the Home Screen.

You can select to add one single block widget and two smaller block widgets, two larger block widgets, or four single block widgets. If you want a cleaner design, you can choose not to utilize any devices.

Applicable Widgets Above Time Sign

On the Lock Screen, you may add a widget next to the date above the digital clock, and many of these widgets display a single data point, utilizing text and symbols, directly next to the date. The built-in widget possibilities provided by Apple are detailed below.

The widget box beneath the time contains a broader range of options that can display additional information.


lock screen widgets

The Batteries widget is available in both square and rectangular formats and displays the iPhone’s battery state. When you connect AirPods, the battery life of those devices is displayed instead.

If you use two battery widgets, they will both show the battery level for the same device, which could be a glitch that Apple will fix later.


2lock screen widgets

The Calendar widget is available in three variations. The current date can be displayed as a square widget (though the date is already automatically listed above the time). You may also track the time of the following forthcoming event or use a larger device to display the event name and time.


3lock screen widgets

Three clock widgets enable you to view a clock for a city to check the time there, and they come in one rectangle and two square sizes. There’s also a globe clock that lets you see the time in up to three cities worldwide and two versions that show the next alarm.


4lock screen widgets

The Activity rings visually are displayed in one Fitness widget, while your Activity ring stats are displayed on a broader readout (move, exercise, stand).


5lock screen widgets

Two widgets in the Home app display any indoor climate sensors. One says any lights and switches, and another alert you to security issues. You can also examine a home summary or monitor a single security item (security, climate, and lights).


6lock screen widgets

A single larger widget provides the main news story for today.


7lock screen widgets

A single larger widget allows you to visit one of your Reminders lists quickly and shows the next due reminder.


8lock screen widgets

You may check price quotes and watch the performance of a symbol throughout the day using two widgets, one tiny and one large. There’s also a larger widget with three stocks displayed.


9lock screen widgets

Moon events, sun events, conditions, location, rain, air quality, UV index, and wind are all available as optional weather widgets. Only the current weather and lunar events are available in the more oversized widget style.

Widgets from Third Parties 

Additional widgets will be accessible in the future because there is an API that developers may use to construct devices.


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