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Johnny Air Cargo Plus Review – Legit shipper for US online shopping?


US online shopping to Philippine shipping

Finally, I tried shopping in recent Black Friday 2018 sale in the US through Johhny Air Cargo Plus to find out if it is really an affordable or cheaper option to ship items from abroad like the stateside. During the Cyber Monday and Black Friday week, I shopped two expensive electronic devices, which I guess enough to experience and tell you the whole story.

So how’s my experience with Johnny Air Cargo Plus? Is it a bad or good international shipper or service courier? Can you trust them with your shipments? And how much their service costs especially your package will pass the Philippine customs? Read our review to find out.

Why Johnny Air is a very legit, non-scam international shipping courier? 

Truthfully, with Johnny Air being present in SM malls in the Philippines make it a very legit shipping company. They have business permits, customs declaration approval pass, and more documents to prove that you should not worry about getting tricked or having zero insurance if ever your package was damaged or lost (which I guess is very rare to happen).

Is shipping electronics like laptops, mobile phones (iPhones, MacBook, Surface, Google Pixel, Samsung, etc.), tablets, cameras, and other devices fast and cheap via Johnny Air Cargo Plus PH?

For my Samsung Galaxy Note9, which I bought for $650 from eBay and shipped it to New York address of Johnny Air, it took about two weeks to arrive in the SM branch here in the Visayas region. It’s pretty acceptable shipping speed considering that it will pass the Bureau of Customs before being handed over to the right branch for pickup.

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The cost of shipping the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone including the taxes, handling fee, and customs clearance was only about P1,500 pesos. It is quite cheap because it will take more if you ship your item thru DHL, FedEx or UPS.

Overall, I can say that Johnny Air is a better and cheaper option than DHL, FedEx, and UPS because of how easy it is for the local shipping company to pass customs’ examination and declaration.

But how about for bulky and more fragile laptops or TV? Because of the bulkier and heavier size of notebooks, tablets, monitors, and television sets, Johnny Air will charge more in handling fee. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 I purchased for $1080 USD only costs P4,500+ Philippine pesos. It might be cheaper if you will pick up the shipment from the main branches in major cities of Metro Manila.

This is considerably worth it especially if you will save $400 to $800 (P20,000 to P40,000 from the discounts and taxes for buying the goods from the US compared here locally.

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With more expensive and higher markup prices of electronic goods in the Philippines, sometimes it is better to shop from the US because of the year-round sales and discounts. So if you’re planning to shop online from abroad even without owning a credit card or debit card, we definitely recommend Johnny Air Cargo Plus as they offer more affordable and flexible, and considerably, fast shipping methods.

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