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Huawei may test Sailfish OS as an Android alternative


The use of Android and Google services for Huawei devices is still uncertain. However, the Chinese giant has been testing its own app store and OS before the US government has blacklisted it.

Aside from its own OS, Huawei might be looking for options too like the Linux-based and open source Sailfish OS which was created by the team behind Nokia’s MeeGo OS. Specifically, the company might be testing the fork version of the Sailfish OS called the Aurora OS.

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The main feature of the Sailfish OS fork is the much control given to the users for the privacy and data collection unlike in Android and iOS which do not need your consent. The Sailfish OS is also compatible with all Android apps and may just need little refinements overall.

The latest Sony Xperia phones are compatible with the Sailfish OS. Users can just download and sideload install the OS together with the Android OS of Google.

Huawei may announce its own OS by the end of this year when they will launch their Mate 30 series and eventually release the final version by early next year.

What do you think of the possibility of Huawei using the Sailfish OS?

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