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How to Log Out Facebook Remotely Using a Different Device

How to Log Out Facebook Remotely Using a Different Device

Would you like to remotely log out of Facebook using a separate device? We’ll demonstrate how.

I’m aware that you’ve dealt with it in the past or are now experiencing it. You used a friend’s smartphone, work computer, or any other external device to get into your Facebook account. When you came home, you realized you never logged out of your account.

Since doing so might increase security risks, you no longer need to travel back to where you came from or bother your friends to log out of your account physically.

You can truly log out of your Facebook account remotely using any internet device, such as a separate computer, laptop, smartphone, or other devices. We’ll demonstrate how to achieve that for you today.


  1. Go to www.facebook.com and log in to your account using whatever web browser you have, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer. Click on your profile photo on the homepage.
  2. Go to “Settings & Privacy”.91461699 29BE 4A16 B295 62282977D631
  3. Click “Settings”.EBD51B43 47EB 422C B4F0 A0BB22BD71FB
  4. Click “Security and Login”.E6B1AC0B D7D0 45F3 A530 B837ABB4C1C4 4 5005 c
  5. You may view the devices where your Facebook account is now active and their locations in the “Where you’re logged in” area.Select the device from which you wish to log out, then select the corresponding three-dot button and select “Log Out.”A69A813C 2BF2 4137 A5C6 0C3DC705DB28

All done. Now that your account has been removed, Facebook will sign you out of that particular device. What would happen, though, if you didn’t have access to a laptop or computer? Next, we’ll demonstrate how to accomplish it using a mobile device.


Here’s how you log out of your Facebook account using a mobile app, which is one of the easiest ways for anyone to do so. The instruction we’ll provide below was completed using the iOS app, and it should also work with an Android device.

  1. Launch the Facebook app and log in using your account. Tap your profile on the home screen.34C0CDB2 879C 427D BA72 F1504B180A49
  2. Click “Settings & Privacy” at the bottom of the page, then press “Settings.”6B94C688 296A 460C AEF0 5B2850EA9F13
  3. “Security and login” are located in the Security section; scroll down to it.1AC819D4 295C 4A85 8F21 B4571555C11B
  4. In the “Where you’re logged in” column, you ought to see the device you wish to log out of along with its location. Then, click the three-dot button located on the listed device’s right side.6D7AFC60 9DBC 45C9 B336 AB2A73FD2D9D
  5. To finish, simply click “Log out.”1D6DD8CB 7B4F 4A90 8ECB 381D73223DE6

You may log out of your Facebook account in a number of ways using a separate device.

You may view all the devices on which your account is presently logged in by using the same approach as above. It’s better to log out of a device right away if you notice one that you’re not acquainted with. For further protection, you can modify your password to something more secure.


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