Google Maps Enhances Lists for Recommendations

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Google Maps


Google Maps is expanding its features to assist users in discovering new places to visit through curated lists sourced from both the community and third-party providers.

When searching for a destination and swiping up, users will now encounter a new section below the image carousel. This section will showcase a variety of third-party lists, such as expert-curated restaurant recommendations, travel guides, itineraries, and restaurant guides.

Google Maps will also curate its own lists based on popular places and current trends, introducing features like the “Trending,” “Top,” and “Gems” lists. These lists aim to highlight places that have recently gained popularity, longstanding community favorites, and hidden gems within neighborhoods.

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In addition to curated lists, users now have the ability to manually arrange list items by dragging them, offering more flexibility in organizing saved places.

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Furthermore, Google Maps is leveraging AI technology to analyze images of dishes and provide useful information such as pricing, popularity, and dietary options based on the menu.

Overall, these updates aim to enhance the user experience on Google Maps by providing more personalized and curated recommendations for exploring new places.

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