ASUS ROG Unleashes Ultimate Gaming Power with Maxed-Out Laptops

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2023 ASUS & ROG Gaming laptops featuring 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and next-gen hardware

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Philippines is happy to reveal that its newest gaming laptops come with Intel’s latest 13th gen processor and a number of important updates, such as next-gen GPUs, redesigned chassis, improved intelligent cooling design, and eye-popping 16- and 18-inch displays. These powerful computers are ready to help esports professionals and gaming fans win.

An All-New Zephyrus M16

2 2The Zephyrus M16 was made with gamers and artists in mind. It has been redesigned from the ground up to feel even better and work better. The new chassis design lets the machine have a larger, full-width heatsink and ROG’s Tri-Fan Technology, which directs air from three fans through carefully measured cutouts to the heatsink for better cooling. This lets the 2023 Zephyrus M16 hit 20W more than last year’s model. This lets ROG push the best Intel® Core i9-13900H processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 4090 Laptop GPU as far as possible.

The Zephyrus M16 has a Nebula HDR display that is driven by a Mini LED backlight with separate zones that can be brightened or darkened separately for stunning contrast. This year’s Zephyrus M16 has ROG’s newest Nebula HDR display, which has 1,024 fading zones, up to 1100 nits of peak brightness, QHD resolution, and a refresh rate of 240Hz. This gives serious gamers an amazing display.

ROG also took the quality of this year’s M16 to a new level with a new mirror-polishing method that required more than ten steps of grinding on the sidewalls to create a luxurious finish. The 2023 Zephyrus M16 is the pinnacle of boutique quality, thanks to its new Off Black color and its exclusive nano-sandblasting finish that makes fingerprints hard to see.

Last but not least, the Zephyrus M16 is only the second laptop to ever have ROG’s famous AniMe MatrixTM Display. The M16’s 16-inch canvas makes it possible to make animations that are bigger and more beautiful than ever before. The animations shine through thousands of precision-milled holes in the lid of the frame to give it a unique look that you can customize.
In March 2023, the following ROG Zephyrus M16 models will be offered in the Philippines:

Zephyrus M16GU604VI-N4085WS16" WQXGA 240Hz / i9-13900H / 16GB x 2 / RTX 4070 8GB GDDR6 / 1 TB PCIE4 SSD / MS Office H&SROG Backpack ROG Impact Gaming Mouse, Type-C PD Adapter₱169,995
Zephyrus M16GU604VZ-NM049WS16" WQXGA MiniLED 240Hz / i9-13900H / 16GB x 2 / RTX 4080 12GB GDDR6 / 2 TB PCIE4 SSD / MS Office H&SROG Backpack, ROG Gladius 3, Type-C PD Adapter₱249,995
Zephyrus M16GU604VY-NM042WS16" WQXGA MiniLED 240Hz / i9-13900H / 32GB x 2 / RTX 4090 16GB GDDR6 / 2 TB PCIE4 SSD / MS Office H&SROG Backpack, ROG Fusion II 300 Headset, ROG Gladius 3, Type-C PD Adapter₱339,995

Pushing the Gaming Boundaries with 2023 Strix and SCAR Lineups

1 3The Strix series are ROG’s most powerful laptops. They are driven by the newest and best chips from Intel® and NVIDIA®. The Strix SCAR 18 has an Intel® CoreTM i9-13980HX processor with 24 cores and 32 threads and an NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 4090 Laptop GPU with up to 175 watts of power, for a total system power of 240W. A MUX Switch with NVIDIA Advanced Optimus automatically makes sure you get the best frame rates when you’re plugged in and better battery life when you’re not. The Strix G16 and Strix G18, on the other hand, are powered by up to an Intel® CoreTM i9-13980HX CPU and an NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 4070 Laptop GPU with up to 140W of power using Dynamic Boost and the same MUX Switch with Advanced Optimus.

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The 16-inch and 18-inch Strix laptops have been remade to make room for a brand-new Intelligent Cooling suite. This suite includes ROG’s Tri-Fan Technology, which was first seen on the 2022 Flow X16. Also, we took the full-width fan from the Flow X16 and made it bigger for the Strix SCAR 18, Strix G16, and Strix G18 of 2023. Compared to 2022 models, this bigger heatsink has up to 92.23% more surface area for heat dissipation. This, along with our new full-surround vents, makes sure that the powerful components inside get the best airflow ever. With 7 heat pipes and Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal on both the CPU and GPU, ROG’s new approach lets this year’s next-generation CPUs and GPUs reach TGPs higher than ever before.

The new 18-inch Strix SCAR model coming out in 2023 has displays that go up to WQXGA 240Hz, while the Strix 16 and 18 machines have displays that go up to WUXGA 165Hz. This gives you an advantage over your opponents when you play games. And it’s not just limited to games. With Dolby Vision, you can enjoy richer, brighter, and more lively content. It also lets artists film and edit their streams, videos, and other content in a format that professionals use.

In March 2023, the following Strix SCAR 18, Strix G16 & G18 models will be offered in the Philippines:

Strix SCAR 18G834JY-N6014WS18" WQXGA 240Hz / i9-13980HX / 16GB x 2 / RTX 4090 16GB GDDR6 / 1 TB PCIE4 SSD x 2 / MS Office H&SROG Backpack, ROG Gladius 3, Type-C PD Adapter₱294,995
Strix G18G814JI-N5113WS18" WUXGA 165Hz / i9-13980HX / 8GB x 2 / RTX 4070 8GB GDDR6 / 1 TB PCIE4 SSD / MS Office H&SROG Backpack ROG Impact Gaming Mouse, Type-C PD Adapter₱149,995
Strix G16G614JU-N3219W16" WUXGA 165Hz / i7-13650HX / 8GB x 2 / RTX 4050 6GB GDDR6 / 1 TB PCIE4 SSDROG Backpack ROG Impact Gaming Mouse, Type-C PD Adapter₱109,995
Strix G16G614JV-N3100W16" WUXGA 165Hz / i7-13650HX / 8GB x 2 / RTX 4060 8GB GDDR6 / 1 TB PCIE4 SSDROG Backpack ROG Impact Gaming Mouse, Type-C PD Adapter₱119,995

New Core Tech Across the TUF Gaming F15

3 5The 2023 ASUS TUF Gaming F15 laptop joins this year’s range with up to a 13th Generation Intel® CoreTM i7-13700H processor. It has a mix of Performance and Efficient-cores that carefully balance gaming and multitasking power. The TUF Gaming F15 also has the latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 40 Series Laptop GPUs with G-SYNC® support and Dynamic Boost. With this combination of high-powered CPUs and high-performance mobile GPUs, you can play all the newest games with amazing speed.

The ASUS TUF Gaming F15 is new for 2023. It has a MUX Switch with NVIDIA® Advanced Optimus, which means it will perform at the next level. A MUX Switch lets a laptop’s integrated graphics be bypassed when gaming, which improves performance and reduces latency. With NVIDIA® Advanced Optimus, this process can be done automatically, giving players better performance in games without having to press a single button.

Better cooling is needed for high-performance hardware. The TUF Gaming F15 has two 84-blade Arc Flow FansTM to handle its high-power CPU. Even though they are quieter than last year’s design, these fans can move up to 13% more air than their predecessors and can reach higher power goals for even more performance. The 2023 TUF Gaming F15 stays cool even in the most difficult games because of how it is made.

The following models of the ASUS TUF Gaming F15, will be available in the Philippines this March 2023:

TUF Gaming F15FX507VU4-LP073W15" FHD 144Hz / i7-13700H / 8GB / RTX 4050 6GB GDDR6 / 512GB PCIE4 SSDTUF Gaming Backpack₱89,995

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