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How to Use Your Android Phone’s Camera to Scan Documents to PDF


Scanner ownership was once widespread, but that era is long gone. All you need these days is a phone with a camera, and we will demonstrate how to accomplish it on any Android smartphone.

You need a Google Drive app on your smartphone and a phone with a decent camera to start scanning documents like receipts and recipes. All you have to do now is start scanning.

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docs1 newerOpen Google Drive on your Android smartphone first, and make sure your Google account is signed in. In the lower right corner, press the floating “+” button.

docs2Select “Scan” after a few choices have appeared on your computer.

docs3The camera will launch instantly, but the program may require authorization to use the camera before it works. To get the best photo of the paper, center it in the frame.


The following screen wants you to confirm a photo you have taken; press “OK” to continue.

Google Drive will try to trim and lighten the image automatically. With crop and color controls, you can make manual adjustments as needed. Tap the Add Page button to include a new page in the document.

docs4When everything seems fine, click “Save” to complete.

docs5 new

You can give the document a name and decide where to store it, and the PDF will be saved in the location you specify.

Google Drive is the most popular and user-friendly of many similar applications available in the Play Store. Mobile phones have also replaced scanners, which would be perfect if they could replace computers.

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