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How to Use AI-Image Creator on Bing


Microsoft has recently implemented an AI-image generator within the Image search part of its search engine, adding to the Bing search’s new Chat function and AI capabilities. Bing’s new AI-powered picture generator makes images in response to specific user queries.

In general, the feature works based on what users have requested Bing to produce in terms of an image, and Bing’s AI-image creator generates the image based on the query the user has stated in the text field.


You’ll need a Microsoft account, an internet link, and a computer browser to use Bing AI-Image Creator. No special software or hardware is required; you only need a web browser to view the utility.

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To make pictures with Bing AI-Image Creator, follow these steps:

Visit the Bing AI-Image Maker

bing ai 1

To begin, load www.bing.com and select Images from the menu bar. Or navigate to www.bing.com/create

Register for a Microsoft account.

A valid Microsoft account is required to access the Bing AI-Image Creator. It’s easy to make one for nothing if you still need to get one. To use the tool’s functions, you must perform this procedure.

Enter your search terms here.

bing ai 2

If you want Bing AI-picture creator to make you a picture, start typing your request into the text field. Inquiries like “marble monument with flaming electric guitar” are typical.

Select Create button.

bing ai 3

When you’re satisfied with your search, hit the Create option.

Hold tight while the Bing picture AI generator produces.

bing ai 4

At this point, Bing will begin creating the picture. Be patient.

Get the picture here.

bing ai 5

You can then select the desired picture to download.

Final Thoughts

The AI-Image Creator is an excellent addition. With Bing Image Creator, you can make an image by describing it in your own words. You can now make textual and graphical material without leaving the conversation window. The AI-Image Creator has a ten boost generator, and when your search exceeds ten, it will take longer to generate the image.

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