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Microsoft Promotes ChatGPT-Powered Bing Chat Everywhere


Microsoft has started showing the ad format for the ChatGPT version of Bing Search to potential marketers as part of its investigation into new income sources enabled by generative AI chatbots. The new Bing is conversational and can quickly answer queries and finish chores thanks to a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Advertisers can expand text, video, product, and vertical ads to the new Bing chatbot without establishing a specific ad distribution plan. Users conducting product comparisons receive an annotated answer showing the information source.

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Advertisers can only place ads solely through the Bing chatbot, but campaigns conducted through Bing search will immediately expand to the chatbot. Microsoft will compile the success of all search ads and give an aggregate report to advertisers, but they will receive separate news on the new Bing advertising. According to Dennis Westerbeek, senior digital marketer at digital firm Adwise, who attended a showcase event hosted by Microsoft Advertising in Amsterdam, the amount of daily active users of the latest Bing has hit 100 million.

Nonetheless, agency insiders have voiced concerns about the efficacy of Bing robots in facilitating ad targeting. There is no way to determine if the advertisements a user encounters in a chat result are based on keywords, the user’s data, or material produced by artificial intelligence. Microsoft company refused to provide a statement. The company plans to capitalize on the public’s interest in Bing and OpenAI to push for commercialization. Microsoft has predicted that a rise of just one percentage point in this market share could result in an additional $2 billion in search advertising income for the company. Bard, Google’s own artificial intelligence chat search, is currently in development.

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