Appeal to BIR: Stop Targeting Vloggers, Online Sellers

appeal to bir: stop targeting vloggers, online sellers
Appeal to BIR: Stop Targeting Vloggers, Online Sellers

The Bureau of Internal Revenue is looking at implementing the “Influencer Tax” and even requiring YouTubers to register with them and pay taxes. Sen. Raffy Tulfo calls the agency “targeting” online sellers and vloggers.

If we are serious about collecting taxes to maximize state revenues, is it not better if we concentrate on the big fishes and not on some small fry kasi nga po barya-barya lang po ang kinikita ng mga vlogger and online sellers,” — Senator Tulfo said during a Senate Hearing under the Ways and Means committee.

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senator raffy tulfo

Several vloggers and online sellers have reported to him that the BIR has investigated them. Although he understands the need for all income earners to pay appropriate taxes, he believes the BIR should know its priorities.

His YouTube channel, which has more than 24 million subscribers as of this writing, can relate to vloggers and online sellers. Tulfo recommends that the BIR target oil smugglers as an alternative to targeting vloggers.

A scheme was alleged by Tulfo in which oil importers do not declare all oil drums to the government for marking, which indicates that the taxes are paid under TRAIN.