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ThinkVision S22e, S24e, M14 Monitors Now Official, Start at P5,800


Lenovo Outs ThinkVision Desktop and Portable Monitors 

Available in all Lenovo authorized resellers in the Philippines, ThinkVision S22e and S24e are monitors made for business and productivity while ThinkVision M14 offers on-the-go portability. The prices are P5,800, P7,100, and P13,900, respectively. 

Starting with ThinkVision M14, the display can tilt between -5° to 90°. Speaking of, it boasts 14″ FHD IPS that operates via USB-C connector. Additionally, its “power pass-through” design lets you charge both the ThinkVision M14 and your laptop with a single adapter.

For ThinkVision S22e and S24e, both are sporting wide viewing angles, an FHD screen display, and a nearly bezel-less panel. The main difference is the availability of FreeSynch technology on the latter. This means gamers can benefit from this monitor. Port-wise both again work with VGA and HDMI connectors. And if you’re wondering already, yes, either of the two is compatible with VESA mount. 

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