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Samsung Galaxy S24 Users Report Android Auto Issues



Numerous Samsung Galaxy S24 users are currently facing challenges when trying to connect their phones to their cars.

This compatibility glitch seems to be widespread among SEAT, Skoda, and Volkswagen car owners, rendering them unable to link up with Android Auto.


Early investigations suggest the issue might be rooted in the car’s infotainment system software, possibly related to how Android manages hotspot IP addresses.

While not confirmed, affected car manufacturers are reportedly actively working on a solution. In response to the increasing number of support tickets, Samsung UK has established a dedicated support page for the issue, available below.

If you find yourself in this predicament, suggested troubleshooting steps include checking your car’s Android Auto compatibility and ensuring it’s enabled in settings.

Galaxy S24 Users Report Android Auto Issues

Verifying your USB cable and updating software on both your phone and car are also recommended, although the latter might require a visit to the dealer.

To learn more you can visit What to do if Android Auto is not working on your Galaxy S24 | Samsung UK


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