vivo and Nokia Agree to 5G Patent Partnership

vivo and nokia agree to 5g patent partnership 1


vivo and Nokia have put an end to their legal clash by announcing a multi-year patent cross-licensing agreement, resolving their differences over 5G technology. This follows Nokia’s recent settlement with Oppo, another BBK Electronics brand.

Under the agreement, vivo will have access to Nokia’s foundational cellular technology patents, with ongoing payments to Nokia, including “catch-up” fees for the dispute period. Importantly, this deal settles all outstanding legal issues between the two companies.

Previously, Nokia had raised concerns about BBK Electronics brands like vivo and Oppo infringing on 5G wireless communication technology patents, leading to legal conflicts and court defeats for the smartphone brands.


Following the ruling, Oppo, vivo, OnePlus, and realme withdrew from the German market. However, the recent 5G patent resolution with Nokia opens the door for BBK brands to re-enter the German market, with OnePlus already resuming sales.

Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, expressed satisfaction with the agreement, emphasizing mutual respect for intellectual property rights. vivo’s General Manager Xianwen Xu echoed this sentiment, highlighting their commitment to research and development for innovative products.

This deal not only marks vivo’s return to the German market, a significant move for the company, but also signifies Nokia’s sixth major smartphone licensing agreement in the past 13 months, showcasing collaborations with prominent brands. Exciting times lie ahead for vivo and Nokia users worldwide.