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New Features of Canva That You Should Know.

Canva is well-known for being one of the simplest and, perhaps, greatest methods to create a design for almost anything!


Canva just held their worldwide event, Canva Create 2022: The Future is Visual. Canva introduced a slew of new features and products as a result of it. So they will simply go through some of the new features fast so you may make the finest designs possible!

Canva Docs

Canva is ecstatic to provide a whole new approach to generating visually appealing papers. Canva Docs, which will be available in Beta later this year, combines all of the Canva tools you know and love with familiar text editing and formatting choices, as well as a slew of new capabilities meant to boost productivity and collaboration.

Canva Docs aspires to be the single location for all of your plans, designs, and other messages. While there, you may browse their content collection of over 100 million design assets or upload any of your other designs such as Presentations, Videos, Charts, or Whiteboards to have them all in one location.

You’ll also be able to create to-do lists, post comments and actions, and collaborate in real-time with your team. With a single click, you can convert a Canva Doc into a complete Presentation, distribute it online as a branded link, and even track views and interactions.

Canva Websites

If you’ve ever wanted to start a website, you know how difficult it can be. But gone are the days of clumsy editing, pricey hosting, and uneditable site designs that you had to figure out on your own.

Canva Websites allows you to convert your papers, presentations, and even PDFs into easy, responsive websites. You may share information like a press release, résumé, or class assignment as a secure personalized link with clients, professors, or anyone else you regularly email papers to once you’ve launched your website. They believe that this is the future of content sharing: a world where knowledge is visually anchored, dynamic, safe, and looks fantastic on any platform.

Canva website builder includes hundreds of layouts as well as access to our entire content library. It also includes responsive device previews, the opportunity to add or purchase a branded domain from Canva, and the flexibility to make your site private by adding a password and concealing it from search engines. Track views, clicks, and engagement with new Websites Insights after your website are up.

Canva Whiteboards 

Canva’s freshly released Whiteboards solution allows you to jointly form and explore your ideas on an unlimited canvas. Canva Whiteboards, like real-life whiteboards, is designed for individuals to jump in and add their comments – only instead of a handful of people with markers, you can invite your entire team to brainstorm with you.

Of course, Canva also gives you access to Canva’s 100 million photos, illustrations, and videos to help map your ideas visually. And to simulate but also enhance real-life whiteboarding, Canva provides sticky notes, synced timers, diagramming and flowchart tools, name-displaying cursors, and new workshop templates.

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Canva Video

All Pro, Teams, Education, and Nonprofit customers of Canva Produce now have access to a brand-new, one-click video background remover, making it quicker, simpler, and more enjoyable than ever to create content with a professional appearance. Canva has also introduced even more tools and configurable aspects to make your movies stand out, including the ability to convert any design into a video with only a few clicks in the near future!

Canva has also showcased our great new animation features, which can be utilized across video and presentations, with more tools to come to level up your animations in the near future.

Presentations with Canva

Begin with one of Canva’s hundreds of templates, or import any PDF, Powerpoint, or Illustrator file to automatically re-create your current content. You’ll also soon be able to flip between storyboard-like thumbnails – ideal for designing, presenting, or simply gazing at your film from a bird’s eye view – and a timeline video editor. This allows your music to be synchronized and everything to be properly timed. In your presentation, you’ll have access to all of the power of animations, transitions, and music.

Use the new Remote Control feature to present collaboratively from any location (no more “next slide, please”) or asynchronously with a recorded Talking Presentation. You can also include amazing complex data visualizations, extend a slide into a Whiteboard to more thoroughly map out your ideas, and track the engagement of your presentation using new design insights.

Canva Print

It is now easier than ever to bring your digital creations to life. Canva Print now allows you to print over 35 different things, including business cards, uniforms, picture albums, posters, stickers, sweatshirts, and more.

When you’re ready to print, you’ll be notified of any components that could be chopped off or photos with low resolution, assuring a beautiful print every time. You may also have them sent to your door or, if you reside in the United States, pick them up for free at a FedEx Office shop or Staples for Canadian customers.

Canva values sustainability, thus they work with printers all around the globe that are devoted to it, and they also plant a tree for every print order done through their One Print, One Tree reforestation program. More than 2.4 million trees have been planted as part of this effort, with a further 5 million trees scheduled for the remainder of 2022 – almost the same amount of trees as in New York City.

Text to Image App

Canva announces the Text to Image app powered by Stable Diffusion, which allows you to generate unique graphics in seconds from a simple description. Make a professional photo out of anything from your mind, build a 3D image without having to learn any complicated program, or generate an image of something you could never photograph.

Canva Creators

Canva’s recently introduced Canva Creators program allows creatives from all around the world to build and upload templates on Canva. More than 3,000 Beta Canva Creators are already contributing to the diversification of our library while earning a living.

Canva also collaborates with the greatest developers, freelancers, and integration partners in the world to create new applications, design features, product integrations, and processes. Canva Create announced the beta of App Marketplace, which is built on the new Canva API, and they are now allowing developers access to Canva’s design engine.


Canva has built excellent and dependable features for individuals, particularly those who work in places where they require it. Canva has always intended to make it possible for anybody to create anything, and their Visual Worksuite of enterprise-grade visual communication solutions developed with everyone in mind makes it even easier.

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