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Into The Fray! – A Quick Peek on eSports and The World of Competitive Gaming

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Esports has become widely popular all around the globe and is reaching the heights of well-established sports industries like the widely known basketball league NBA. The development of new technology in gaming is slowly transcending eSports into a level of its own.


Esports universities and as a profession

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MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games like League of legends and Dota 2 are the main stage setters for eSports. The industry’s heightened popularity came out of nowhere, and marketers all over different countries got into the action to benefit their brands. Korean league of legends teams like Samsung White possesses strong benefactors, and slowly but surely, modern tech companies are now seeing the possibility of eSports, as a place to put their brand.

eSports is so popular in Asia that Korea, one of the world’s leading eSports countries offer collegiate courses regarding eSports. The heavy competition in Korea sets most of its players away from their home country and participate for other countries. A case that is popular on Korean league of legends players.

Not entirely a “Sport”

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Many have criticized people on how eSports as a whole should work, thinking that playing games aren’t actually a sport, which is similar to playing chess. Many have argued over the legitimacy of eSports being an actual sport and many others had defended and went against eSports as a whole.

However, whether people are against eSports being a “sport” or not, they can’t hide the fact that the competitive gaming scene has received a lot of love from the masses lately, with Dota 2 dishing out a huge price pool and high-wage salaries for their players, as well as league of legends rising up in the ranks of being one of the most highly followed competitive scene in the world. Both in which, considered to be high-end achievements on their own rights.

Some people are disappointed in competitive gaming’s success, thinking that gaming shouldn’t see this much success, though competitive gaming enthusiasts and participants have gone since accepted that some people won’t be overjoyed as they are in the success of scene itself.

Gaming brings every culture closer

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With the continuous rise of eSports, the world looks a bit smaller to say the least. Thanks to eSports, many regions of the world will now be able to show off their masterful skills in their art every year, thanks to a few world championship tournaments such as League of legends, Dota 2, CS: GO and more.

eSports or competitive gaming is dramatically changing the world, one could argue that it’s for the worst or for the better, but the influence that eSports are continually spreading is something that can’t be hidden by any means.

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