Infinix Unveils CoolMax, Cooling Tech for Gaming Phones



As gaming phones gain popularity, Infinix introduces its prototype cooling tech, CoolMax, designed to keep gaming phones cool during intense use.

Integrated into a concept gaming device, CoolMax reduces the chipset temperature by an impressive 10°C. Unlike traditional air cooling, it utilizes a Peltier effect, combining a thermo-electric cooler and a fan directly over the chipset. CoolMax’s integrated solution minimizes the distance using only thermal paste.

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The CoolMax concept phone goes beyond just cooling. It features a Pixelworks visual processor for enhanced GPU support, offering display refresh rates up to 180Hz for FHD+ and 144Hz for QHD+ resolutions, setting new standards for gaming displays. Infinix plans to launch a gaming phone in 2024, with details under wraps, but expectations are high given the potential of this concept.

Exciting times lie ahead for gaming enthusiasts as Infinix pioneers cutting-edge cooling and performance in the ever-evolving world of gaming smartphones.