Xiaomi Unleashes SU7 EV at MWC 2024

Photo Credits: Xiaomi


Xiaomi, known for its cutting-edge tech, wowed audiences at MWC 2024 by revealing its first-ever electric vehicle, the SU7. The SU7 Max, a powerhouse with 664 bhp, boasts an impressive 101 kWh battery and a rapid 2.8s acceleration to 100 km/h.

The design? A sleek 5-meter celebration of curves! No sharp corners here, just a captivating interplay of reflected fluorescent lights.


The sporty front and rear bumpers, along with aero design and air diffusers, contribute to a drag coefficient of only 0.195Cd – the lowest in production vehicles.

Active air tunnels line the car, aiding brake cooling at high speeds. Xiaomi aims for 20 million unit sales, inspired by their success in premium smartphones. President Lu Weibing reaffirmed a hefty $10 billion commitment to EV development.

Xiaomi introduced its latest electric car, the SU7, in China towards the end of December. Although the exact price hasn’t been disclosed yet, the company’s spokesperson mentioned that we can expect an official announcement very soon. They hinted at local deliveries kicking off in the second quarter.

Can Xiaomi replicate its smartphone success on four wheels? Only time will tell!