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How to Download Music From YouTube

How to Download Music From YouTube
How to Download Music From YouTube

Although streaming services like YouTube are very convenient, there may be times when you wish you could access some of that enormous video and music library without an internet connection. 

Although it may not be clear, the solution is quite straightforward. This article will outline two of the greatest techniques for downloading YouTube music and other resources. We’ll also discuss the legality of offline clip saving and how it might impact the company’s terms of service.

Downloading Via YouTube-DLG

Numerous applications and websites have come and gone to enable users to download files from YouTube. The problem with many of these services is that they are either unreliable or loaded with bloatware and dubious advertisements, and YouTube-DLG enters to address these challenges.

As a graphical front-end for a text-based version of YouTube-DL, termed DLG, an open source tool was developed and is freely available on Github. This interface’s simplicity means that nothing will obstruct you. Simply input one or more URLs you want to download from, pick your preferred video and audio format, and let DLG handle the rest.

All of the files will be copied to the folder of your choice or one designated by YouTube. Additionally capable of reading files from Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other video streaming websites is DLG.


You must exercise caution when using that level of authority, though, as some use of tools like YouTube-DLG aren’t exactly lawful.

You should only download materials that are deemed to be in the public domain or appropriate for usage. Works that have entered the public domain are free to be downloaded, copied, and modified as the user sees fit under US copyright law, and they are free.

According to Stanford University, there are four typical ways for works to become part of the public domain:

Copyright is no longer valid.

The copyright owner broke the rules for copyright renewal, and the copyright has since expired.

Dedication is the intentional release of work into the public domain by the copyright owner.

Such works are not covered by copyright legislation.

Fair use is a more challenging aspect of copyright law. If you want to utilize someone else’s work for criticism, education, or transformation, you must follow fair use guidelines. 

In contrast to uploading a whole scene without commentary, the fair use clause does not allow the use of a brief movie clip as part of a movie review.

From America Act on Copyrights Section 107:

The fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes like criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not considered a violation of copyright.

Therefore, adding copyrighted music to your collection for personal use would not be considered legal. Third-party downloaders like DLG are also considered to be in breach of YouTube’s user agreement, as outlined in the terms of service:

 You are subject to the enumerated limitations when using the service. You are prohibited from:

  1. You may not: (a) access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify, or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content unless expressly permitted by the service; or (b) with the prior written consent of YouTube and, if applicable, the applicable rights holders;

Be cautious since the business can use your downloading content using this manner as justification to suspend or terminate your account.


Fortunately, there is a way to download music and videos from YouTube that is even safer and will never violate any rules or policies. The business just added a function that lets customers store material straight from the website or mobile app. Though the app is opened again, even when you are entirely offline, you can access it again.

Although this function is free in some other countries, it is only accessible in the United States with a paid YouTube premium subscription. A download icon will appear next to the standard sharing and commenting buttons under movies once the feature is activated. After then, the app’s library section is where users may locate and watch the assembled list of songs and films.

Its only disadvantage is that users cannot transfer, copy, or alter works downloaded using it. They can only be accessed via the YouTube app and are only available through the YouTube service. If the video is removed from the YouTube server, any saved videos will probably be erased from your device. The purpose of this function is to prevent copyright infringement.

In conclusion, the user has the most options when downloading internet music and video using an application like YouTube-DLG. However, employing it even slightly enters a gray area of the law.

The most worry-free way to keep the content on your smartphone is by downloading it directly using the YouTube app. However, neither where those tunes nor videos go nor how long you can access them will be at your discretion.

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