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Globe to launch 5G in June with 100 Mbps speed

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Globe has announced that they will launch the 5G first in the Philippines this coming June in 2019. With a promise of 100 Mbps speed, Globe will first roll out the 5G on select areas particularly for home broadband service only while mobile 5G for smartphones to follow.

Although the marketed speed is below the average speed of most 5G networks globally, the latency and reliability will be greatly improved over 3G and 4G LTE.

According to its CEO, Mr. Ernest L. Cu said that enterprises will also benefit on 5G availability as IoT or Internet of Things will be supported. This will make the management of their businesses smarter and safer.

On the other hand, Globe is targetting by the end of this year to launch the 5G Mobile Network for more consumers. SMART-PLDT is also expected to roll out their 5G network by this year but with no definite launch date.

Mislatel Consortium was selected as the 3rd major telco in the Philippines will start their operation by this year also but it focuses on 3G and 4G as well as broadband services for enterprises.

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