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Android 15 Developer Preview Begins Rolling Out!

Android 15
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Google has rolled out the first taste of Android 15 for developers, teasing minor privacy tweaks and cool new features. But here’s the scoop, it’s tailored for the tech wizards out there, so maybe hold off if you’re eyeing it for your daily driver. The good news? A public beta might hit the scene between March and April.

Now, let’s talk perks. Android 15 is putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to ads. A fresh “Ads” menu under “Privacy & security” gives you the lowdown on which apps are snooping around to serve you ads. It’s your ad kingdom, and you’re the ruler!

But wait, there’s more. Screen recording enthusiasts, rejoice! Android 15 lets you go partial. Perfect for those epic gaming moments or sharing a specific app trick during a video call.

Great news for photo enthusiasts using third-party apps! Google listened, and now, when you snap low-light pics, your phone processes them in real-time, giving you a bright preview before you even click. No more grainy mysteries! Just picture-perfect moments!

Exciting times ahead with Android 15, your phone’s about to get even smarter. Who’s ready to take it for a spin?


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