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Budget-Friendly Apple Vision Pro Gains Attention in China

Vision Pro
Photo Credits: EmdoorVR


EmdoorVR, a Shenzhen-based company, is making waves with its affordable alternative to Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

Meet the Vision SE, a device that echoes Apple’s design but comes at a fraction of the cost, priced around $280 (around PHP16,000).


CEO Shi Qing sees this as a strategic move to ride the wave of Apple’s popularity, even as the VR and AR sectors experience a bit of a slowdown. The Vision SE mirrors Apple’s look but trims down on fancy features and price. For the budget-friendly tag, users get a decent 5.5-inch display, sans high-end capabilities like eye tracking and hand-gesture controls found in Apple’s $3,499 (approx. PHP159,799) Vision Pro.

While the similarities have earned the Vision SE a playful online nickname tied to Shenzhen’s tech imitation reputation, Shi assures all’s above board with patents and audits in place. EmdoorVR, initially focused on making VR devices for others, sees the Vision SE as its foray into the consumer market, strategically timed around Apple’s launch.

Despite a challenging year for AR and VR, marked by declining shipments and economic pressures, the entry of giants like Apple and Meta injects fresh optimism into the sector. EmdoorVR aims for survival and adaptation in this competitive space, aligning its strategy with the tech world’s buzz around the Vision Pro.

As Apple reshapes how we engage with digital content, EmdoorVR’s journey unfolds. How will this tech showdown play out for the Chinese company?


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