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Coming Soon: YouTube App for Apple Vision Pro

YouTube App for Apple Vision Pro


In a surprising turn of events, reports suggest that Google is considering the development of a YouTube app for the Apple Vision Pro.

Even with over 600 dedicated apps for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, YouTube has been notably absent. Just last month, Google categorically stated that they had no intentions of creating such an app.


What triggered this change in YouTube’s stance?

One theory suggests that despite its hefty $3,500 price tag, Apple’s mixed reality headset is experiencing a robust start, with an estimated 160,000 to 180,000 headsets sold during its opening weekend, attracting fervent and well-heeled fans.

Another intriguing possibility is that YouTube took notice of an independent developer, Christian Selig, who bridged the gap by launching a $5 third-party YouTube app named Juno. Remarkably, Juno has now claimed the No. 3 spot in the Photo & Video category for App Store downloads dedicated to the headset.

Ever wondered why YouTube is reconsidering its decision and thinking about developing an app for the Apple Vision Pro, despite saying otherwise just last month?


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