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Supply Shortage for the PS5 May Extend Until 2022


The PlayStation 5 has become one of the most successful gaming consoles sold up to date as it has sold 7.6 million consoles which surpass its predecessor despite shortages in supply. However, according to Sony that the shortage will likely extend until 2022.

The company warned analysts that even though there is a huge demand for PS5, the shortage in semiconductors is making it quite difficult in meeting the demands. Sony earlier this year predicted that the slack will soon be picked up within the second half of this year but with the ongoing shortage in semiconductor supply, it no longer holds to that promise. They didn’t even give an estimate on when improvements in supply would happen.

In a closed-door briefing, the Chief Financial Officer of Sony, Hiroki Totoki states that they don’t see the demand to “calm down this year” and continued that even if they would secure the needed equipment and produce the gaming console, the “supply wouldn’t be able to catch up with the demand.”

Sony believes that the demand in PlayStation 5 is not completely the effect of the pandemic which forced everyone to look for entertainment while stuck at home. Also, despite the shortage in supply, the PlayStation 5 managed to outsell the PlayStation 4 console.

Sony is not the only company experiencing the shortage as its competitors such as Nintendo and Microsoft had admitted that it affected their own consoles as well. Although, Microsoft is eyeing that by July, supply would ease up.



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