New Snapchat Feature Aimed at Teaching CPR

new snapchat feature aimed at teaching cpr

The new feature on Snapchat that teaches cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) aims to save lives.

The feature can be found in the Lenses section of the Snapchat app.

The Red Cross charity helped make the camera filter, which will show users how to do chest compressions and test them on what they have learned.

The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation says that less than 20% of people give first aid, even though 70% of cardiac arrests happen in front of others.

There are already a lot of apps that teach CPR in the Apple and Google app stores. Some apps come from St. John Ambulance and the Resuscitation Council UK.

The only difference is Snapchat has more than 347 million people using it daily.

snapchat cpr filter
snapchat cpr filter

After ensuring safety, perform CPR:

  • Call or ask someone to call 911.
  • Make sure the victim’s airway is exposed
  • Check if breathing. Immediately start CPR if not.
  • Do 30 chest compressions.
  • Do two rescue breaths.
  • Repeat until an ambulance arrives.