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How to Install Android Apps on Windows 11


With Windows 11, the fantasy of using Android applications on your PC finally became a reality. This fascinating feature has a lot of promise. You may learn how to set it up and download your first Android app or game from this guide.

What You’ll Need

In the stable channel of Windows 11 as of February 2022, Android apps are accessible—but only in the US. If you satisfy the prerequisites for Windows 11, you also satisfy those for Android applications. Before continuing, make sure to check for Windows updates and install any that are available.

Second, hardware virtualization has to be enabled on your Windows 11 computer. This is required since Windows 11 effectively runs Android on a virtual machine. By selecting the “Performance” option in the Task Manager, you may see whether virtualization is enabled on your computer. (You may launch the Task Manager by using Ctrl+Shift+Esc.)

You will probably need to turn on Intel VT-X in the UEFI firmware of your machine if hardware virtualization isn’t enabled (BIOS). Instead, check the UEFI firmware settings panel for AMD-V if your system has an AMD processor.

android windows 11

Next, check sure the Microsoft Store is running the most recent version. Update every app on the “Library” page by opening the Microsoft Store.

You can go forward if everything checks out. Before we continue, it’s a good idea to reboot your PC if you installed any updates to get to this point.

How to Install Android Apps in Windows 11

The Microsoft Store should be opened first. Enter “Microsoft Store” into the Start Menu to add it to the taskbar if it isn’t already there.

android windows 2

To access the listing, search for “Amazon Appstore” in the Store or click this link. To proceed, click “Install.”

android windows 3

You will be guided through the setting procedure by a pop-up that will appear. Continue with the steps to download the Appstore by clicking “Set Up.” Restarting your computer will be the final step.

android windows 4

Amazon Appstore can launch automatically after the restart. If not, you may find it in the list of programs on the Start Menu.

android windows 5

Creating an account on Amazon or logging into your existing account should be your first step.

android windows 6

Once you’re in, it operates similarly to any other app store you’ve used. You can look through the options or search for something specific. Choose an app to install in either case.

android windows 7

On the app information screen, click “Install.”

android windows 8

The program will be downloaded and installed. When it is done, click “Open.”

android windows 9

That’s all! You’ve just finished installing your first Android app in Windows! Android apps, like Windows programs, may be located in the Start Menu. They can even be pinned to the taskbar in the same way that ordinary programs can. Go ahead and Android-ify Windows 11.


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