GCash Warns About SIM Registration Link Frauds

As of today, December 27, 2022, the 180 days for SIM (The SIM Card Law) registration have begun. Mobile wallet GCash warned users about scams that look like links to register their SIM numbers. In this post we discussed about SIM Registration Link Frauds.

Globe reminded us that GCash never sent links through texts, emails, or messaging apps. Some telco customers get messages saying their accounts have been locked unless they pre-register their SIM cards.

What You Need to Know About the SIM Card Registration Law

They advised that users should never click the link in these messages. Instead, they should check the official channels of their telco providers to find out how to register their SIM card on SIM Card Registration Day.

The SIM Registration Act went into effect on Tuesday December 27,2022, and many Filipinos have already tried to register their own SIM cards.

NTC Issues SIM Card Law IRR

As registration moves forward, GCash assures its customers that their money and account will be safe.

But to ensure customers could always get to their GCash accounts, the mobile wallet told them to register their SIM cards with their telco providers quickly.

False SIM Registration Information Will Cost Penalties

Users can report scams and other types of fraud by going to the GCash Help Center at https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us, sending a message to “Gigi,” and then clicking “I want to report a scam.”

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