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SMART to Launch Online SIM Registration Platform

Online SIM Registration Platform

Smart Communications, Inc., the wireless arm of PLDT, is happy that the SIM Registration Law’s Implementing Rules. And Regulations (IRR) have been release. Smart is getting ready to launch its SIM registration portal to make Online SIM Registration Platform easy, convenient, and rewarding for its subscribers.

What You Need to Know About the SIM Card Registration Law

SMART is proud to have contributed to the IRR, which aims to be all-inclusive as Public Telecommunication Entities (PTEs) shall also provide additional means to assist persons with disabilities, senior citizens, pregnant women, and persons with special needs in registering their respective SIMs.

“We join the National Telecommunications Commission. key regulators and government agencies, and our counterparts in other PTEs in making. Sure that our SIM Registration Law is carrie out in an orderly and effective way,” he say.

Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Consumer Business Group – Individual at Smart, said, “Connectivity is key to the resurgence of the Philippine economy. We reaffirm our commitment to make sure that the implementation of the SIM Registration Law will be easy and convenient for subscribers and will not take away subscribers’ right to connect.”

False SIM Registration Information Will Cost Penalties

The SIM Registration processes are ready following months of planning. Which included looking at best worldwide practices and technological solutions from nations that have done SIM registration. In a few weeks, we’ll deliver official SIM registration portal details.

In addition to supporting SIM registration, Smart and its parent company, PLDT. Have long-running consumer protection programs that include steps to stop criminal activities like text scams that use mobile phones. Smart has blocked SIMs that send “smishing” messages and URLs that lead to these illegal activities. In 2021, PLDT and Smart put almost 3 billion into cybersecurity infrastructure to help protect the public. From new cyber threats, security holes, and other illegal online activities.


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